Why System Innovators?

Our sole focus is providing enterprise payment and revenue management solutions to governments like yours.

With over 115 public sector customers, System Innovators (SI) is the leading provider of Enterprise Revenue Management (ERM), centralized cashiering and payment solutions for governments and utilities.

40-Year Industry Veterans

We’re celebrating 40 years of service with one focus — providing government payments and Enterprise Revenue Management solutions. Our team is trusted by governments across North America to provide full end-to-end management of your revenue – from customer to bank.

SI connects clients from across North America to share experiences and exchange best practices in revenue management.

A Strong Client Community

Each year we hold multiple events where dozens of cities, counties and utilities gather to present case studies, join birds of a feather in peer sessions and share best practices. Our goal is to constantly facilitate opportunities for connection and support. We leverage our strong client community to enable our clients to actively learn from one another through our annual customer training conference, user groups and our one-of-a-kind client collaboration platform. At our annual user conference in 2018, the Cities of Seattle, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Phoenix all presented case studies on their iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management system to their peers. Presentations like these prove invaluable for clients, as they provide brand new insights and lessons in how to best utilize their products.

Best Practices

We know that no two governments are the same, but that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Our team of experienced personnel designs systems to support your revenue business processes. With experience in almost every government accounts receivable system available, we know the vendors we’ll be integrating with and the questions that need to be asked to support your business processes. We’ll start you at the top of the learning curve. Our team brings the tools and templates necessary to help you quickly capture the information needed to deploy the iNovah solution, whether in one department or across your enterprise.

Solutions From a Team That Knows Your Business

When you work with SI, you are never alone. Our Client Services support team is committed to ensuring you maximize the full potential of our solutions. Our team is involved with you every step of the way during implementation to learn how to best support your revenue and business processes. They understand your operations, your unique integrations to iNovah, and the types of payments you accept and manage on a daily basis.

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Integration with Your Systems of Record

With over 700 integrations to the source systems you use, we have the proven ability to integrate to any receivable system, from animal services to zoning. Whether you have complicated partial payment plans or simple payment and void processes, we know how to configure the system to support your operations.

Our software is specifically designed to interface with 3rd party and in-house developed systems. SI’s dedicated team of professionals has the experience to consolidate your payment inquiry and update processes from any of your systems of record to iNovah, providing you with one source for the truth in revenue management.

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