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In today’s fast-paced world…

Convenience is key for your citizens. Intuitive access to one-stop shopping and a positive customer experience are top priorities.

We understand response to customer demand, as well as your need to standardize revenue management. From payment acceptance and processing, to balancing, deposits, and updating the general ledger, our iNovah enterprise revenue management system was designed with government in mind.

Our tailored solutions simplify operations for your revenue, finance and IT departments from start to finish. Financial management has never been easier.

Powered by iNovah’s infinite integration capabilities, we enable your team to perform at its full potential.

Enterprise Revenue Management

Manage your payments and receivable systems in one central place. iNovah consolidates payment channels and revenue streams across the enterprise. Spend fewer hours on reconciliation efforts and time spent manually updating general ledger accounts with iNovah as your hub for revenue activity.

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Perfect Payments

Give your customers a choice in how they pay. iNovah’s omni-channel solution provides customers payment flexibility with today’s modern payment channel options. Improve your customer service and gain iNovah’s real-time research and reporting capabilities.



From complex real-time interfaces to file imports and main-frame integration, our fully-configurable solution allows your organization to be entirely connected through one central hub.

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Accounts Receivable

iNovah’s Accounts Receivable (AR) Module is ideal for handling receivables that aren’t a perfect fit to be managed in your day-to-day systems. Allow individual departments to manage receivables while still providing high level reporting and tracking of receivable balances for the whole organization.

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Trust Accounts

Trust Account capabilities make it possible for your organization to set up escrow accounts for customer payments and internal funds holding. Simplify payment management with one module that accepts deposits, makes payments, transfers funds and provides refunds to the right place at the right time.

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