Hennepin County Clears Picture of Finances through iNovah

In another System Innovators case study, read how Hennepin County, Minnesota visualizes it finances through iNovah.

Organization Profile

  • Client since: 2013
  • County population: 1.25 million residents
  • State Presence: 22% of Minnesota population
  • Square miles served: 611


Home to Minneapolis, Hennepin County is the largest county in Minnesota and the 32nd largest county in the U.S. The County serves as a large corporate hub for many Fortune 500 companies. It is a national center for the arts with sculptures and gardens, attracting visitors from around the nation. Hosting a population of 1.25 million, more than one in five Minnesotans reside within this county.


In Hennepin County, all departments have the option of using iNovah as an enterprise cashiering solution. This automatically ties their revenue activity back to PeopleSoft for accounting reconciliation. The iNovah solution includes options for departments with simple or complex cashiering needs. It serves as a single place for research and reporting, and increases payment security with integrated credit card processing.

The Challenge

Hennepin County’s journey to Enterprise Revenue Management began in the County’s Residents and Real Estate Services Department (RRES). The department’s aging software and complex processes left it seeking modern, up-to-date technology that would simplify their revenue management.

Prior to implementing iNovah, county departments handled their own payment management through independent cashiering systems. Selecting an enterprise-wide solution would provide the county a consistent set of configuration and reporting tools that could be centrally supported.

The Solution

Hennepin County’s Residents and Real Estate Services Department (RRES) was the first to implement iNovah. After recognizing the economies of scale gained by having an enterprise-wide solution, they quickly began to add additional departments to the iNovah system.

Today, iNovah is used in six county departments to accept and manage revenue all of types, including payments like tax, library fees, and health services. With three custom interfaces, the county has successfully integrated iNovah with PeopleSoft, their existing GL system, and has improved credit card processing through an integration with iNovah.

The Results

Implementing System Innovators’ iNovah solution created many efficiencies for Hennepin County. The county’s iNovah integration to their PeopleSoft GL system has improved revenue management processes across the board.

iNovah’s configuration options provide the county the ability to add credit card functionality to any iNovah installation. As new departments identify the need to replace their previous cashiering systems with the integrated, enterprise model, iNovah allows the county to easily make the change without starting from scratch.

The county also integrated credit card processing capabilities to bring citizens modern, secure payment methods. With iNovah’s integrated EMV chip-card technology, measures are in place to help safeguard payment data with point-to-point encryption (P2PE). Credit card information never touches the county’s network, thus improving security and reducing the county’s liability for fraud.

The integrated card technology provides full connectivity to iNovah hub, allowing cashiers to remain in iNovah for all payments and reporting activity. This eliminates the manual entry of credit card information and possible errors that could result.


Hennepin County can now uses an enterprise-wide cashiering solution that integrates directly to their enterprise accounting system. iNovah’s presence in the county has grown to over 302 workstations across 70 county offices, each connecting to the hub that simplifies their revenue processes.


Hennepin County was awarded the 2017 Achievement Award by the National Association of Counties for its program titled, “Improving Credit Card Data Security Using Full Point to Point Encryption.”