Peripherals and Receipts

iNovah Cashier supports cash drawers and receipt printers, along with several check and bill stub scanners, to provide cashiers the following abilities.

Imaging and Scanning Capabilities

iNovah’s check imaging and bill stub scanning support allows your cashiers to capture check images (front and back), and quickly retrieve payments owed using bill stub scan lines.

  • The image of the check is stored with the payment transaction for research and reporting.
  • Any images scanned at the front counter can be deposited electronically using our Image Cash Letter module.
  • Bill stubs can be automatically scanned, initiating an inquiry to an integrated source system that automatically populates the payment screen with balances owed and other payment data.

Receipts and Endorsements

With an enterprise approach in mind, receipts are completely configurable based on your business needs.

  • iNovah’s receipts can display any information available in the system.
  • iNovah provides the ability to include check images and signature capture on your receipts.
  • Receipts can be configured with different information on an office by office basis.
  • iNovah’s cashiering module supports document validation and check endorsement.

Cash Drawer Capabilities

Further enhance your cash controls with the use of cash drawers.

  • iNovah supports various standard size cash drawers and mounting options.
  • All cash drawer opens are automatically recorded in iNovah’s comprehensive audit log.

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