CAFR Unlimited - Financial Reporting

The most comprehensive financial reporting tool on the market.

If you’ve ever felt constrained by your current reporting solution or frustrated by the audit process, CAFR Unlimited is the answer you’ve been seeking. With an enhanced suite of services, CAFR Unlimited includes advanced publishing capabilities, value-added reporting options and simple workflow guides.

Control the audit and reporting process:

  • Customize reporting periods and extract expenditure data to meet filing deadlines including interim reports.
  • Follow helpful workflows guides for less frequent year-end and new year start-up processes.
  • Select template engines for reusable report development and updates.
  • Utilize internal system reports for quick analysis and review.
  • Leverage existing information to comply with state-specific reporting requirements and automatically roll over information at year end.
  • Satisfy audit demands with an automatic calculation of major and non-major funds determination, and detailed proof of numbers.
  • Use the flexible report builder to comply with any unique report requirements including grants and special projects.
  • Produce statements by mappings for GASB-compliant CAFRs.
Complete final assembly and pagination with easy-to-use publishing binders.

      You're one step closer to easier reporting and award-winning GASB-compliant CAFRs. To learn more about CAFR Unlimited from System Innovators, call 1-800-963-5000 or complete our online form today.