Scott County is the Seventh Minnesota County to Go Live with iNovah Centralized Cashiering and Enterprise Revenue Management Solution
March 27, 2017

System Innovators (SI), a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is pleased to announce that Scott County is live with iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management (ERM) solution. iNovah is live in multiple departments, including the customer service and public works departments, to improve reporting, reconciliation and auditing across the enterprise and streamline the revenue collection process of up to 125,000 citizen payments the County receives annually.

Prior to implementing iNovah, Scott County was utilizing a non-integrated cashiering system that was unable to scale to meet the growing demands of the County. A proven and reliable cashiering solution for 5 of the 20 largest counties in the United States, iNovah will provide the County with one system for all 361 payment types that provides a 360 degree view of incoming revenue for cashiering, banking, reporting and audit.

“It was very important to us that we found a user-friendly solution for our cashiers and administrative staff across the County,” Stated Julie Hanson, of Scott County, “A key component of choosing iNovah over other solutions was its ability to deliver a one-stop shop for citizens by accepting transactions for multiple departments and payments in one location.”

iNovah has become the County’s hub for all activities by seamlessly integrating to several account receivable systems including land records and internal code systems. The County has the ability to automate refund payments, streamline receipting and check scanning as well as eliminate paper intensive financial processes and duplicate receipting from systems through iNovah’s real time inquiry, lookup and payment update, search/query and electronic audit tape.

“Citizens have new demands for their Governments,” Stated Greg Whitnell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, System Innovators, “Scott County has positioned themselves as a leader by implementing iNovah, which will not only have tremendous benefits for citizens but across the entire County in terms of streamlining and automating financial processes.”

System Innovators looks forward to the continued relationship and will work closely to deploy iNovah County wide.

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