System Innovators Releases Flexible and Secure EMV Credit Card Payment Processing Solution for Government Agencies
February 21, 2017

System Innovators (SI), a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is pleased to announce the general availability of iNovah EMV Direct, a processor agnostic and secure Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) chip credit card payment processing solution for governments.

Built with government agency needs in mind, the flexible and scalable solution combines SI's flagship point-of-sale centralized cashiering and enterprise revenue management (ERM) solution, iNovah, with the ability to accept EMV chip card transactions from multiple credit card processors. EMV Direct is seamlessly integrated with iNovah which allows payment amounts to be automatically sent to the credit card terminal and securely encrypts customer data to mitigate clients' risk of card-present fraud utilizing end to end encryption technologies. With this solution, city and county cashiers are able to remain in iNovah, a centralized cashiering solution, with no need to manually enter in credit card information reducing customer payment times, eliminating errors and manual entry of payment data.

With the nationwide EMV liability shift, cities and counties who implement iNovah EMV Direct will realize immediate benefits with increased fraud protection, greater operational efficiency, secure transactions and the ability to route transactions directly to their processor of choice including First Data, Chase Paymentech, Vantiv, Global Payments (Canada), and Moneris (Canada).

iNovah EMV Direct improves citizen – government relations by expediting the payment collection process with a one-stop-shop experience as well as permits government customers the freedom to use multiple payment methods as the solution supports payment from cards embedded with chip and PIN technology, contactless payments (Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass), mobile digital wallet (Android Pay, Apple Pay), debit, credit and cash payments.

For more information on iNovah EMV Direct please contact sisolutions@systeminnovators.com or visit http://www.systeminnovators.com/en/solutions/emv_direct/